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Automatic toothpick packing machine

                   JY062 Automatic Toothpick packing Machine
       JY062 series machine is a kind of equipment that can pack the single toothpick with paper or  film. The machine is highly automatic, and has high packing speed. Also it can make delicate printing on wrapping paper.
1、The packing, putting into bag and feeding of multipiece tube can be completed at one time.
2、The automatic counting is convenient for secondary package.
3、The packing speed is adjustable.
4、With non,one,two colour printing system can be choose



 Power  220V ,3phase 50HZ 1kw
 Motor  220V,3phase,0.37KW
 Capacity  200~300pcs/min
 Automatic counting device  1set
 Packing method  Three sides sealing
 Width of the wrapping material  width of paper: 27mm
 length of the toothpick ≤68mm
Machine sieze(L×W×H)  1450m×620m×1550m
 Machine weight  约300kg

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