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  Nanjing Jieyang Machinery Co.,Ltd  is the professional drinking straw machines manufacturer. We are mainly to design, produce and process drinking straws machines . It is a new pattern business, and has been engaged in designing and producing drink straws machines,and processing straws for many years. So it has perfected quality ensure system. All machines have the ISO9001 and the CE Certificate.

  The company owns the best service for the customers after selling the products and the all technology of producing straws and the trained experience of controlling the whole techniques quality course .The company has made great achievements in the plastic technical products after the technical staff persevere unremittingly.The Auto small drinking straw packing machine with many branches that are designed by the staff fill in the domestic blank.

  The company is based on the sincerenss and the motivated by a sire to bring forth new ideas and enterprising.It strengthens the ability of developing the products, and promotes the quality and function of the products. It provides the high-quality service to meet the customers demands.

              CEcertificate )                                                  ( CE certificate)
         (CE certificate)                                                                     ISO9001 certificate
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Straw packing machine
straw drag and cutting series
Straw machine auxiliary device
multi-edge medical straw packing machine
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