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Automatic straw cutting machine

   The machine, which is the auxiliary equipment of straight tube machine, comprises driving motor, feeding device, tube-cutting device, belt conveyor and receiving hopper,.The machine is highly automatic. In general conditions, one person can operate two machines of the same type.  The machine is convenient to operate and has reliable quality.  This machine is the auxiliary equipment of straight tube machine: its main function is to cut the straight tube produced by straight tube machine into two,so that the directions of pointed straight tube are coincident and the straw tube can be managed automatically, which is convenient for the use of next working procedure. The cutting edge is smooth without burr, which overcomes the defects of old type cutting machine when the pointed tube is produced, such as inconsistent directions, difficult to operate, low efficiency and hard to manage.  Particularly, the pointed ends shall be coincident in the production of pointed medical tube (multi-edge tube) whose length is smaller than 110mm.  The machine will be more applicable, and it can save labors of 3-4 persons.

It can greatly save labors and lower the work intensity of operators.
The cut tubes have reliable quality, and the cutting edge is smooth without burr The length tolerance is within 1mm.
High work efficiency:The efficiency of cutting straws can reach 500 pcs/min.


 Driving motor                   0.4kw        Control by frequency converter  220V
Cutting straws length                                  160~420mm(Straight straws)
Production capacity                                 500pcs/min
 Straw length permissible error                                              ±1mm
 Gathering model                           The straw can be gathering automatically. The directions of pointed are coincident
Straws specification

 Straw diameter:ф2 ~ф12mm                  

Length:80~210mm(Finished products)

Machine size                                    1800×800×1400m
Machine weight                                 300kg


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