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Individua straw I-shape film packing machine

03series I-shape straw automatic cooling cutting packing machine

    03-SERIES I-shape tetra pack straw auto packing&cutting machine is an equipment for packing straw into bag and cutting single-straw piece by piece .The main drum always carries a lot of straws in the successive and different operations.This provides a high packing rate,and automation.To complete filling in & packing at a time.It not only makes your straw packing operatons easier,but also provides you with a high reliability.

single tetra straw packing.to complete filling in and packing at a time.              
automatic product counting,product quantity pre-set.once the pre-set value is reached,the machine will stop and an alarm will sound
packing speed can be adjusted freely
automatic stop when the package is missing the straw


Driving motor                0.75kw(control by frequency convrter)
Production capacity              Straight straws                           600~700pcs/min 
 Flexible straws          350~450pcs/min 
 Specifications of wrapping material              Four sides sealing (Serrated)
     Can be cutted to be single pcs or 4、5、10、 20pcs/piece
 Material can be hot sealed such asBOPP
Thickness of film   20μ-30μ
Roll diameter maximum 340mm
Inside diameter of roll   75mm
Width of the film  Max:280mm
 Packing shape

        15mm(p)×  96~250mm(w)                                     Other specifications are Customizable

 Straw specifications  Straw diameter  Ø 2.5~ Ø7mm
  Straw wall thickness 0.15~0.25mm 
  Length  90~255mm(normal)
                                         Other specifications are Customizable
 Machine size                        2000× 900 × 1600mm
  Machine weight                              400kg


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