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PLA straw extrusion machine

   011 Series High-speed PLA straw extrusion machine

    This PLA drinking straw extrusion machine have simple structure, easy operation, high automatic degree, stable and reliable running state, high efficiency.
Main spare part for eg. cylinder screw is made of high grade alloy steel and be nitrogen treated.Flume(water groove), vacuum shape-forming device, and hopper etc. are all made of stainless steel, this is helpful to health and product appearance.
All the motors are controlled by converter. (The adopted) temperature control loop and its elements and parts can control the temperature and display it.


 Driving motor          380V, three phase 15kw                     
 Power                             380V,  three phase   50Hz
Material             PLA
 The kind of color            Single ,Double,Three color can be choosen
 Extrusion amount                 500-600kg/24h
 Diameter of main Screw shaft            50mm             Length/Diameter:33:1
Temperature control  No matter which button you press, the machine will not run before the temperature reaches the set point
 Total electric quantity                   25kw         real power consumption:18kw appr
Floor area                  8m×2m=16m²




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