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new straw drag and cutting machine(automatic gatherring system)

05 Series drag and cutting machine(with automatic straws gather device)

Seires-5 drag and cutting machine is the donkey for the  I-SHAPE series ,Which is  composed of drive motor (double motor)、draft device、cutting device、straw tractor and automatic straw gather device.The machine is convenient for use by reason of it’s high automatic ,in a general way ,one man canoperates three machines as which;The machine is convenient for operating and with reliable quality.
Reduce labor greatly,all of the section of the line as draftcutting and gather operate automatically,one can operate three equipment.
the product by draft and cutted is stable and reliable the length is whin 1.5mm.
The machine is composed of four different type motor which work cooperating that draft cutting gather is attomatic completely.
The machine’s blade is smooth without any burr,solving the problem of old draft cutting blade being not smooth and being with heavy burr.


Draging drive motor
            0.75kW     380V                         
Cutting drive motor
            0.75kw            380V
    Draging motor                120W            380V
   Auto gathering  motor                 180w          380V
Capacity                           700~1000pcs/ min                             According to the length of the straw
  Operating model                          Automatic gathering the straw
  Machine size                      1500×1100×1300mm
    Weight                       400kg


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