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Multi-straws pillow-shape packing machine

036 Series Full Automatic Multi-piece drinking straw Pillow-shape Package Machine


   036 series full automatic multi-piece straw packing machine is a kind of equipment used to automatically package multiple drinking straws into bags.  The complete machine comprises driving motor, driving system automatic film-unfolding device, tube feeding device, automatic sealing & cutting device, conveying device, etc.. The machine is highly automatic, and its production speed is equal to that of above 10 workers, which saves material and labor costs.  The pillow-shape package is particularly suitable for the package of multi pieces above 15, and the package is beautiful.

poly packing,forming a sack,stuffing,packing are done just once
the function of auto_count can facilitate the second packing
rapidity of packing can be adjust
the packing numer can be adjusted from2 to 50 randomly,unusual specification demand could be provided by relevant improving.


Driving motor  0.75kw  Control by frequency converter     Power:220V
Production  capacity       2~16pcs/ package        60~100package/min                          
 16~50pcs/ package        30~60package/min                          
 Packing method                Three side sealing
 The edge has two shape: smooth、sawtooth
 Wrapping material            BOPP film
 Width of wrapping   material                   Can be customized by client
Straw specifications                Diameter  Φ3~Φ6mm
               Length  80~250mm
Machine size                         1200×700×1200mm
 Weight                                400kg

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